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Interview with Barbara Brickner, owner and designer of BBMaternity
by michele weston

[MW] I've known you for years as a successful plus-size model and am thrilled to see you create a maternity line for the curvy mom-to-be –Why did you decide to design a clothing line for the plus-size pregnant woman?

[BB] Michele, this began simply because I could not find many things to wear during my own pregnancy in 2000.  I spent that time doing market research and asking curvy friends what they wore or where to go for cute, stylish items.  I was astounded to learn there were very few choices out there for women size 16 and up!  It really was out of necessity.

[MW] What sets BB Maternity apart from other exclusive plus-size maternity collections?

[BB] Truthfully, I don’t know of any other plus maternity line that comes straight from the heart.  Yes, I am a businesswoman.  But I am a mother, wife and model before that!  I have learned a lot throughout my modeling career on what styles look good and what doesn’t work well for the plus-size customer.  I know there are women my size who want to continue their fashion statement right through pregnancy.  I want to make sure that full-figured women have a choice in what they wear whether they are expecting or not.  And if they are, I hope they come to us!

[MW] How do you choose shapes and patterns  for each collection?

[BB] I have several basic patterns that go from season to season.  Often I will apply a current trend to that basic piece by adding a sleeve style or a trim. I try to style my line as if I am going on a trip and taking the 10 most important pieces with me.  

[MW] Have you found it easier to reach your customer via the web? Tell us what stores your line can be found in this season?

[BB] During our market research, we learned the plus-size customer is three times more likely to purchase online than her straight size counterpart.  I was not surprised because many women I know are not all that comfortable going into department stores or even specialty stores and trying on clothes.  It can be intimidating.  With the ease of buying online, we felt that our customer would fall into this type of buying and feel most comfortable at home trying on her new items. 

One of our main goals was to be available for purchase online through a major department store chain and we have reached that goal!  BB Maternity is now available at  We are elated to say the least!  We are also available in several boutiques across the country.  Go to our Website and look under spring 2006 boutiques.


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plus size maternity clothing by Barbara Brickner, owner and designer of BBMaternity



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